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1 Development of Supramolecular Chemical Biology at Jilin University: From Supramolecular Chemical Biology to Exploration of Mechanisms of Biological Processes and Development of Vaccines and Medicines 2022 Vol.43(14):57-60
ZHANG Wei, GUO Yu-Peng, ZHANG Wen-Ke [Abstract] (29) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1279 KB] (2564)
2 Elective Course “Educational Research Methods” for Chemical Normal University Students Based on the Integration of Ideological and Political Education and Innovative Ability Cultivation 2023 Vol.44(22):69-77
CHEN Kai, LONG Qi, CHEN Chang-Yun [Abstract] (2) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1413 KB] (453)
3 Analysis of Test Sites for Electronic Effects and Steric Effects in Senior High School Chemistry Competitions: Test Questions of National Chemistry Olympiad in Recent Years 2022 Vol.43(7):122-127
LIN Jia-Hui, NI Jue-Chen [Abstract] (28) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1505 KB] (365)
4 Investigation on Common Problems of Measurement Audit for Dissolution of Salicylic Acid Tablets 2022 Vol.43(8):91-94
ZHOU Lu-Ni, HUANG Hai-Wei, YU Li-Jv [Abstract] (22) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1434 KB] (361)
5 Ideological and Political Construction in Organic Chemistry Curriculum for Polymer Materials Specialty 2022 Vol.43(18):16-23
MEI Qun-Bo, SONG Juan [Abstract] (15) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2624 KB] (357)
6 Bibliometrics and Content Analysis of STEM Career Education Research from an International Perspective 2022 Vol.43(15):104-114
CHEN Kai, LIU Yu, CHEN KE-Yu [Abstract] (19) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 977 KB] (344)
7 Interpretation of Chemistry Curriculum Standards (2022 Edition) for Compulsory Education of China: Scientific Inquiry and Chemistry Experiment 2022 Vol.43(21):13-20
QIAN Yang-Yi [Abstract] (16) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 4115 KB] (320)
8 Exploration on Course Ideology and Politics in Teaching of Energy Chemistry 2022 Vol.43(20):36-41
TAO Zhan-Liang, ZHANG Kai, LI Hai-Xia, CHEN Jun [Abstract] (24) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 931 KB] (314)
9 From Philosophical Origin to Plasma:Historical Evolution of Concept of Fire 2022 Vol.43(21):113-118
WU Yu-Fei, YUAN Zhen-Dong [Abstract] (13) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1974 KB] (307)
10 Application and Practice of the “One Body and Three Wings” Teaching Mode in Engineering Inorganic Chemistry Teaching 2022 Vol.43(18):42-50
WANG Hui-Sheng [Abstract] (22) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 3291 KB] (293)
11 Evolution and Pedagogical Values of the Leblanc Process 2022 Vol.43(19):121-126
PAN Xiong-Feng, WEI Zhao, DAI Pan-Yang, XU Feng [Abstract] (20) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 4801 KB] (285)
12 Modular Design Concept of Sensitizers for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell 2022 Vol.43(18):1-10
WU Wen-Jun [Abstract] (13) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 4434 KB] (278)
13 Integration of Systems Thinking in Chemistry into Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning in Junior High School: Torch Design in School Sport Meeting 2023 Vol.44(17):72-78
CHEN Qiao, WANG Xin-Yi, GENG Yan-Bing, YAO Yan-Juan, WU Yong-Cai [Abstract] (10) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 4167 KB] (277)
14 Study on Interdisciplinary Cooperative Teaching of English Journal Paper Writing and Its Effectiveness 2023 Vol.44(12):93-99
CHEN Xiu-Juan, DU Zhong-Quan, CHU Tong [Abstract] (9) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 878 KB] (275)
15 Analytical Chemistry of Jilin University: Pass the Flame and Serve the Society 2022 Vol.43(14):45-51
MA Pin-Yi, WEI Shi-Gang, SUN Ying, ZHANG Zhi-Quan, SU Xing-Guang, SONG Da-Qian [Abstract] (15) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 4825 KB] (270)
16 Teaching of Metal Material Utilization in the Context of Boosting Aerospace Dream: Use of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys 2023 Vol.44(13):43-48
LI Jun-Da, LIU Zhong-Ying [Abstract] (10) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 3998 KB] (269)
17 Influence of Chemical Self-Efficacy on Self-Regulated Learning Strategy
and Academic Achievement of College Students
2022 Vol.43(22):116-123
LU Dian, YE Jian-Hong, ZENG Zhen-Fang [Abstract] (20) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1175 KB] (268)
18 Research Progress of Solid State Electrolyte for Lithium Ion Battery 2022 Vol.43(16):92-98
ZHAO Jun-Kai, YANG Kai-Meng, GUO Ao-Ping, ZHANG Ce, YANG Xiao-Jing [Abstract] (26) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2466 KB] (267)
19 Research-Oriented Experiment Activity: Design and Manufacture of Domestic Oxygen Generator 2022 Vol.43(9):90-94
ZHANG Hong-Li, WEI Rui, HUANG Ming-Chun [Abstract] (31) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2938 KB] (262)
20 Senior High School Chemistry Unit Teaching to Develop Students’ Core Competencies by Integrating Inorganic and Organic Modules: Investigation on Capture and Comprehensive Utilization of Carbon Dioxide Under the Background of Carbon Neutralization 2023 Vol.44(13):56-68
BAI Zhi-Qiang, WU Wen, XIE Li-Ping, LI Fu-Gang, ZHENG Ai-Min, HUANG Man-Xia [Abstract] (12) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 8485 KB] (261)
21 Comprehensive Experimental Design of Biomass Liquid Fuel Production by Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Crop Straw 2022 Vol.43(6):86-90
WANG Feng, ZHAO Fu-Tian, ZHANG Hui-Ju [Abstract] (20) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1216 KB] (254)
22 Analyzing Principle and Sequence of Perm and Hair Dyeing from Chemical Perspective 2022 Vol.43(21):1-6
LIU Yu-Rong, HAO Shu-Chao [Abstract] (16) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 3300 KB] (250)
23 Artificial Carbon Cycle: Carbon Dioxide Conversion and Utilization Technology 2023 Vol.44(2):1-7
ZHANG Lu-Hua, YU Feng-Shou, WEI Jian [Abstract] (30) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 5967 KB] (249)
24 Application of Backward Design in Literacy Oriented Large Unit Teaching Design of “Sodium and Its Compounds” 2022 Vol.43(7):57-67
ZHAO Bo-Han, LI Shu-Hua, JIANG Yuan-Yuan, ZHAO Yu-Shuang [Abstract] (25) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 10039 KB] (243)
25 Development Process from Prosperity to Decline of Paraquat with Nemesis of Weeds 2022 Vol.43(20):8-15
TAN De-Xin, RU Wan-Ke, ZENG Jia-Xin, LIANG Jia-Yi, WANG Yan-Li [Abstract] (16) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 3949 KB] (231)
26 γ-Gauche Effect and Its Application in the Determination of Stereoisomers 2022 Vol.43(18):119-124
CHEN Ning, XU Jia-Xi [Abstract] (16) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2283 KB] (227)
27 Chemical Model and Mechanism of Hydrangea Macrophylla Color-Changing 2022 Vol.43(8):14-20
CHENG Fu-Ying, WANG Yao, WU Xiao-Chun [Abstract] (31) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2970 KB] (220)
28 Analysis of Teaching Design Elements and Case Design Based on BOPPPS Mode 2022 Vol.43(18):51-57
YAO Wan-Qing, SHE Neng-Fang [Abstract] (14) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2728 KB] (219)
29 Preparation and Photocatalytic Performance of BiOCl Nanosheets:Design of Comprehensive Chemistry Experiment Teaching in Higher Institution 2022 Vol.43(20):57-61
ZHONG Xin, WU Wen-Ting, JIE Hao-Nan, JIANG Fu-Bin [Abstract] (18) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1617 KB] (219)
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